P R O C E S S  &  K R E A T I O N


It is a long journey to create a Couture wedding gown all from scratch. Not only do you need to take many decisions about your gown, but at the same time, each custom wedding gown is handmade and requires 100;s of hours to complete. We recommend that your first consultation should be  minimum 6 months before the big day. At our first consultation we will discuss your ideas, look at any photos/magazine pages you have, sketch and look at fabrics.  We will also lay out timelines and pricing for you once we know more about the design and materials.  We have hundreds of the finest materials and fabrics in all styles from around the world, so you can look and feel a sample of each one as you make decisions.
You will be advised as possible, and together we will find a dress that matches your expectations, but also compliments best your body type.The goal is to fulfill your dream of the perfect wedding gown. The consultation is free and without any obligation.


After your measurements are taken, and inspiration is drawn from your personal style, examples and vision. The custom process begins. We will create a muslin pattern, a “sample gown” That ensures we have captured your vision and also gives you the first look at the custom wedding dress of your dreams.


A sample gown is constructed out of muslin fabric to get your exact size, as well as to give you a first glimpse at seeing your design constructed. All fit adjustments and design changes will be made on the muslin gown, allowing us to make changes as needed. When you are happy with the fit and style, your gown is cut from the fabric you have selected.


This is one of the most exciting fittings. Your custom wedding dress is made, using the actual fabric you’ve selected.  More alterations and fit adjustments are made.The details on your wedding gown are perfected and fine tuned at this time, such as beadwork and  embroidery. Then the finishing touches will be  made to your custom wedding dress. At this time we will also make arrangements for your  pick-up or delivery date.
Getting close to your wedding date can be stressful for some brides, and it is not uncommon to vary in weight.  Please try on your wedding dress at least a week or two prior to your ceremony to make sure it still fits, and if it needs a final fitting, please call us straight away!  We are committed to providing you with a perfect wedding gown.


Time frame really depends on the complexity of the gown, so will vary quite a bit.  Generally, plan on your custom dress to take between 4-6 months to complete- allow for a little extra if you desire complex beadwork and/or crystals..  Occasionally we can do rush jobs, but it depends on the type of gown and our schedule.  Please contact us for more information.
Prices will vary based on your personal fabric selection and complexity the of your design.
We will address payment at the first consultation. We require a 50% deposit.