Specialized in creating exclusive wedding dresses and evening gowns. All dresses are unique and created from scratch according to your wishes, and the designer’s advice, guidance and touch. We place great emphasis on quality and sophistication. Luxurious materials such as lace and silks, are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards.

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It requires often that we get materials specially imported from selected fashion capitals. It’s a longer process to create a wedding dress / couture gown from scratch while we care about every detail. Thats why it limits how many we can make a year. CoutureStuen does not only make dresses from scratch, but we are also specialized in changing a dress for a second look, or make an adjustments. All is done with the highest expertise, customer requirements are the focus. With experience in design, we can advise and guide you, resulting in you get a unique and different dress. We can help you find the right accessories for the bride.

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